from by Law 18



To sum up has come the time
Sometimes I like bringin’ up ideas
What’s going on in life of mine
Writing: the medicine for soul disease

So some fucking hits I’ve bit
Along this long year It’s all been
lika long trip Whose end by
now is near And it’s all fucking here!

Now I can ride, I can speak
I am a man, future is here
solved everything, solved it all
Whatta fuck I cannot resolve?

First I’m a drummer,
than a problem solver

But wait, do I like what I’m becoming?
Solving ever been my job, isn’t it?
my personality, my character
there’s ever been much more in me

It’s an excuse to say that’s growth
Just an excuse, for being adult
don’t need to be such an asshole
I like blind faith, like trusting in you

First I’m human, than I’m a lover
Lova lova lova

But in the meanwhile
there was something wrong
There was someone who had
to be too much strong
Someone who had to shout
at the top of one’s lungs
You’re just too young…
you’re just too young

For me an uncle, for you a father
genius lost in this dark year
I’m near to you, I’ve cried with you
But how could you resist the fear?
Another parent, another tragedy
A summer made just of pain
Your father, person I never knew
I miss most, for me and you My friend

It’s a strange year, this 10th
In the 3rd millennium, my girl
Year of birth, year of death
But luckily you’re still my world

This is the end, I hope it is
The proverbial dog that bites his tale
The most tragic of Greek poems
But in the end, what I’ve learned

Life’s a tale
In two thousand and 10


from Law 18, released February 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Law 18 Milano, Italy

Alessandro Mura:
Voice, Harmonica
Davide C:
Guitar, Voice
Lorenzo Colucci:
Luca Ferrario:
Drums, Voice
Lorenzo Perin:
Voice, Guitar

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