Hollow Earth Society

from by Law 18



With our six tv channels
We will make it real
With our secrets masonic mates
We will make hide deals

We are worse than Orwell’s books
We’re the fattest pig
Who changes laws during the night
To let them fit into our will

Our girls are dolls
we lead the mass

We believe the earth is hollow,
And we re gonna get in
Let’s descend the pit my friend
Join the advanced races

We believe outside is rotten
Let’s go to agharta
Central sun will warm us up
Come and fill your hollow heart

we’ll disgust you if the truth
Suddenly appears
Nonstop fetish, ropes and chains
Blood and pain and kinky gears

Now imagine all worst things
you can figure out
Push them into few rich men
Raised by the Clown

Hollow earth’s
Secret’s to hide
our crimes

We believe the earth is hollow,
This is not a fiction
Saucers flying throughout the pit
it’s not simply conviction

We believe outside is evil
Let’s live in Shamballah
Spaceport, forests, higher mountains
Happiness is hollow

We believe inside there’s nothing
And so will be inside your head
We don’t believe the earth is hollow
But you are gonna believe in that!

We succeeded in making all believing
Brainwash is how we call our plan
The earth is hollow like we are honest
But you are gonna believe in that!


from Law 18, released February 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Law 18 Milano, Italy

Alessandro Mura:
Voice, Harmonica
Davide C:
Guitar, Voice
Lorenzo Colucci:
Luca Ferrario:
Drums, Voice
Lorenzo Perin:
Voice, Guitar

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